Wetar Island is a small Indonesian island north of Timor Leste, abounding with potential and fragility. A very long dry season means fire is a risk to the dry landscape.
There are about 23 villages on the island, with people living off the sea and forest resources – fish of many kinds, sea cucumber, and from the forest honey, cashew, nutmeg, timber and other nuts and fruits. Gardens are an important part of life. The access to health education and markets are all challenging.

The Community Development team within PT Batutua Tembaga Raya, the Wetar copper project, are focused on assisting villagers to improve their conditions of living through assistance with health facilities, education, food security, agriculture program and micro finance loans. The team is working towards developing sustainable communities by the time the copper mine closes within 10 years.This web site will detail some of the steps being taken.
Vegetables are grown in three small villages, Lurang – Uhak and Kampung Baru – and supply a main market. A very considerable opportunity exists to increase vegetable production and quality.

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